Her Fearless Heart holds many events throughout the year that inspire change and educate people about various Mental Health issues. These events raise awareness, lessen suffering or promote hope to many people all over the world. In some cases we may invite you to send in photos, attend a local festival or simply ask your opinion on various topics. If you would like to suggest an event or a topic simply send us a message and let us know! 🙂

2014 Events

1000 Butterflies Project
Sockin’ it to Cyberbullies (Coming Soon)

candace easter

2013 Events
Diary Days
Easter Decorations
Letter to a Younger Me
WSPD Banner
Drug Awareness Online Art Exhibition
New Years Resolutions

2012 Events

‘Killer’ Photography Project
Planting Flowers for Mental Health
Christmas Decorations 2012
Self-harm Awareness Month
What is Depression?
“I am Beautiful” Campaign

2011 Events

Fan-inspired Photoshoot
The Many Faces of Hope Project