Q: What is Her Fearless Heart?

A: Founded in 2008 by Liizii Kaye, Her Fearless Heart Provides hope, love and support in order to reduce the prevalence of depression, self-harm and suicide. For immediate help call Lifeline on 13 11 14♥


Q: Is Her Fearless Heart a non-profit organization?

A: Currently, no. But we are hoping to be able to move towards becoming one in the near future.


Q: Is ‘Her’ Fearless Heart only for females?

A: No way! We welcome males, females and all trans* individuals at Her Fearless Heart.


Q: I want to send a thank you card, where can I send it?

A: At this stage, we aren’t set up to receive postal items, however you are more than welcome to send us an email at fearlessheart@live.com


Q: How can I get more involved?

A: Check out our “Get Involved” section. Along those lines, please follow our social-networking sites like FacebookTwitter and Youtube.


Q: How can I work at Her Fearless Heart?

A: Her Fearless Heart is currently not looking to fill any positions. However, we are always looking for helpful volunteers. See our “Volunteer” page for more info.


Q: How can I interview someone at Her Fearless Heart?

A: If you are a member of the press or would like to interview a staff member for educational purposes, please e-mail fearlessheart@live.com


Q: Is Her Fearless Heart launching any future projects?

A: We are constantly providing new events and campaigns for you to become involved with. Stay tuned for more information.


Q: My question wasn’t answered.

A: E-mail us using our contact page and we will respond as soon as possible. We aim for a 24hr reply period for emails/messages however if you need urgent assistance please contact lifeline on 13 11 14.