Her Fearless Heart has always been a place where people can come for help and information for any issue that they may be facing in their daily lives.

Old logoIn 2008, HFH was an online journal where a young girl screamed her problems into the universe and was met with support and encouragement from people all over the world. Touched by the compassion and understanding by those around her she opened up her blog for others to discuss their pain and receive healing and reassurance in much the same way. After awhile the blog was turned into a Facebook page where more assistance could be provided. It became apparent that many people didn’t know where to turn when they were feeling down and many more felt very alone and isolated within their own minds.

HFH then became an information, support and referral service for people around the world seeking advice or someone to talk to. It also became a platform for raising awareness about various mental health or welfare issues. It seemed that many people who were suffering were surrounded by people who didn’t understand the challenges they faced in their daily lives. HFH then began to provide education around these topics and shone a light into the darkness of mental health issues and the struggles that so often surround them.