Mental Health Survival Guide – Coming Soon

Good evening beautiful souls!

As you may very well be aware, Her Fearless Heart is in the process of creating a Mental Health Survival Guide! Yes, we are very excited too! However, with a commitment such as this, we are acting out our true perfectionist natures and making sure that we are 110% happy with it before we release it. Every now and then we edit a section, add in something interesting, take out something super boring or simply just read over what we have written to see if it is still relevant.

We are very sorry that this process is taking so long (this has a lot to do with funding) but we hope to have a release date VERY soon! Hopefully, the book will be something that you will be able to find interesting, informative and maybe even a little bit fun. If it is successful, we will be more than happy to work on sequels or perhaps try something a little different. We welcome feedback of all kinds so when you grab yourself a copy (which you absolutely should because it’s Ah-Mazing!!) let us know what you think! But be kind, we have feelings too =p

Enjoy your night my lovelies and remember to smile!!


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