Post-It Positive Body Image

postitOur aim is to change the way people think about themselves and hope to create a more positive body image and reduce the dysphoria associated with it. We know that this will not be easy and obviously the post-its aren’t going to magically fix the issue, but we believe it’s a good place to start.

So, our mission for you is, whenever you’re out with your friends, or possibly at work, going to the shops or whatever it is that you do to fill your day, take a couple of pre written post-its with you with one of our positive messages and put it up on a public bathroom mirror, a fitting room door/mirror, a beauty magazine or anywhere else you feel it may be useful to someone that sees it.

Here are a few examples of positive messages we would like to spread around the world:

For Mirrors:
– People in mirror are more beautiful than they appear
– You are perfect, you don’t need this mirror
– This is not a true indication of your beauty
– Looking into a mirror is not an invitation to bash your wonderful body
– Warning: Reflections in mirror may be distorted by socially constructed ideas of “Beauty”
– You are beautiful♥
– You are handsome♥

For Magazines:
– Size 0 does not define beautiful♥
– You don’t need to look like this to feel beautiful♥
– Beauty comes from within♥

You are also more than welcome to create your own 🙂

We also ask that on the bottom of the post-it you write
“ heart” so that if people feel as though they are having issues with negative body image they have a place to come to to receive help 🙂